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Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier: I wanted to be a Jew

01 August 2010Adrian Grenier wanted to be Jewish when he was at school.

The 34-year-old actor grew up in Manhattan, New York. As a child, he strongly considered converting to Judaism because everyone at his school followed the faith.

"In junior high, I wanted to be Jewish," he told Us Weekly magazine. "Everyone else was and I wanted to fit in."

Adrian is most famous for his role in US TV series Entourage, which follows the life of a movie star and his friends. The actor plays the show's lead Vincent Chase, and enjoys the fictional character's lavish life.

In real life, however, Adrian's tastes are far more modest. He likes making documentaries, and is most content when he is jamming with his band.

"I have directed or produced three documentaries in four years," he said. "And I'm happiest playing drums with The Honey Brothers." © Cover Media

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