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Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård: I love being naked

06 October 2010Alexander Skarsgård is "glad" he posed nude for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine because it was "interesting".

The 34-year-old Swedish actor appeared naked and covered in blood with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, his co-stars from the vampire series True Blood, on the cover of the iconic magazine.

Alexander says he and his co-stars didn't expect people to like the controversial image, although he was thrilled when the magazine sold well. The hunky star says he really appreciated the artistic shot, and thought being unclothed made the picture far more interesting.

"No one thought that the magazine would go for it. They want to sell at Walmart. We thought this was going to be too offensive," he told the British edition of GQ magazine.

"But I guess they did. [Laughs] I'm glad they did! I liked it a lot. It was definitely more interesting than the safe version..."

The handsome actor says he has no trouble shedding his clothes for photo-shoots or on-screen love scenes as he's always had a healthy relationship with his body. The star can't understand why people would have a problem with nudity, since we are all born that way.

"'Why do I 'love being naked'? Because I was born that way?" he laughed.

Being comfortable naked doesn't mean Alexander is willing to appear naked gratuitously though. The actor says he is only prepared to reveal his body if it adds something to a scene.

"I didn't write the scripts but I don't mind it if it makes sense. It's about being comfortable and if it makes sense story-wise," he explained. © Cover Media

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