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Blastian is a take on the classic arcade shooters of the 80's. It is a Java game, which means it will popup in a new window and will be ready to play once it has loaded. Java games do not have to be downloaded and installed in the same way as a normal PC game; they are just displayed in a browser in the same way that you have to wait for a web page to load. Blastian is a oneplayer game against an alien horde and you must battle your way through enormous levels without losing all your lives. You can choose two detail levels by pressing the 'D' key High or Low, to ensure that Blastian runs smoothly on your machine. Blastian is loaded into a new window when you click on the 'Start Playing' button and contains everything you need to play the game.
If the game does not load or plays slowly then click here to download the latest plugin

If you are still having problems playing this game please contact us.

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