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Instructions: Use the 'arrow' keys, DOWN to remove the plate from the stack, UP to place a plate and increase pole energy, LEFT/RIGHT to move the plateman. When a pole has a plate placed on it the 'pole energy' level is shown as a red line (at 50%). By spinning the pole the energy is increased (to a maximum of 100%). When you are not spinning the pole the energy level dissipates. The behaviour of the plate and poles reflects the level of energy in the pole. In this way, a pole with almost maximum energy has very little horizontal movement and the plate spins very fast with hardly any 'wobble'. As the energy level decreases the situation becomes increasingly precarious, until ultimately the plate falls off and smashes. The player must discover their best strategy to balance the act of 'toppingup' the poles energy with adding more plates onto the poles, just like the real thing.
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